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04 Feb '19

Behind the Scenes Location Shoot with Speedlights

Posted by David Honl

I used 2 traveller8 Softboxes for these quick portraits in Bamiyan Afghanistan. I set the speedlights at 1/4 power and the camera settings were 1/125th at f/8, ISO 100. Easy!

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Thanks Robert and Stephen! Just goes to show, you don’t need big, expensive light to get the job done.

Posted by David Honl on February 05, 2019

really love the shot of the guy in the red robe against the red/diamond background. Those soft boxes of yours certainly perform much better than their size would suggest. I have used your gels, snoots and grids for years David and its good to see you making more videos.

Posted by stephen on February 05, 2019

Nice and easy

Posted by Robert Ménard on February 04, 2019

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