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23 Feb '16

Lighting up the desert with speedlights

Posted by David Honl in grids, soft box, workshops

This past weekend we held a lighting workshop outside Mojave California, and set up a variety of lighting scenarios for the attendees. In the coming week, I'll have all the shots, along with technical details so you can recreate them at your location. Until then, enjoy!

2 Nikon SB910 Speedlights: 1 behind the model with a Honl Photo Double Speed Gobo to block flare into the camera lens, and another lighting the front of the model. Shot just before sunset with a Nikon D4S & 24-70 (at 24mm), the exposure was 1/125th @ f/8, ISO 100. Flashes were at full power.


We set up a studio in the main tent and shot against a red Westcott backdrop. This is a 4 Speedlight setup: 1 Nikon SB910 with a Honl Photo traveller8 Softbox as the main light, 2 SB910s with 1/4 Honl Photo Speed Grids for the rim lights on each side, and another SB910 with a 1/4 Speed Grid on the background. All Speedlights were at 1/8 power. Exposure was 1/125th @ f/11, ISO 100 with a Nikon D4S & 24-70 (at 50mm).

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